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Empowered by Soroban's technology, Phoenix is pioneering the ultimate DeFi Hub within Stellar's vibrant ecosystem. We're forging synergistic protocols, starting with a cutting-edge DEX, to deliver the tastiest DeFi experience imaginable.

Add Liquidity
to popular pools

Dive into the world of limitless possibilities on Stellar as users seamlessly inject their tokens into our savory liquidity pools, where flavors of innovation and opportunity meld together.

Track your assets

Effortlessly relish control of your financial portfolio with our asset tracking service. Stay informed and empowered, every step of the way.

Follow current trends

Don't let yourself fall behind! Stay tastefully informed with the latest trends on our cutting-edge history page!

Swap your tokens with ease

Experience seamless token swapping with our intuitive platform. Swap your tokens effortlessly and enjoy hassle-free transactions.


low fees

Thanks to Stellar's exceptional scalability and rapid execution, our platform offers ultra-low fees and lightning-fast transaction speeds. Say goodbye to costly delays and hello to seamless transactions that won't break the bank!



Our innovative incentive structure is designed to leave users' mouths watering. Satisfying your cravings for both efficiency and value has never been more appetizing.


of Pairs

Dive into a Diverse Range of Token Pairs! Experience our platform's constantly updated selection of token pairs, ensuring you always have access to the latest trading opportunities.

Get started with

Phoenix Ecosystem

Step 1

Install a wallet to your browser, such as Freighter wallet

Step 2

Send XLM to your wallet address, such as from a centralized exchange, or buy XLM and USDC directly in the Phoenix App

Step 3

Connect your wallet with Phoenix DeFi Hub!

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Phoenix Ecosystem

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